Conference organized by CRAL and IPNL
22-24 oct. 2012 Lyon (France)


The conference will be focused on neutrinos as a bridge between the two words of particle physics and astrophysics/cosmology with 3 main topics:
• Fundamental properties of neutrinos (neutrino masses and oscillations, mass hierarchy, neutrinos as Majorana particles, the search for CP violation in the leptonic sector, hints of physics beyond the standard model, the present experimental scenario and future large size experiments for neutrino oscillations and astroparticle physics ...)
• Neutrinos in astrophysics (Neutrinos from the sun, Neutrinos from Supernovae, High energy neutrinos ... )
• Neutrinos in cosmology (Measurements of large scale structures, Measurements of the CMB, BB nucleosynthesis, dark matter/dark energy, Leptogenesis, ...).
This conférence is organized by Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon (CRAL) and Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon (IPNL), two laboratories of the LABEX Lyon Institute of Origins (LIO).

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Dario Autiero, IPNL Lyon
Sacha Davidson, IPNL, Lyon
Aldo Deandrea, IPNL, Lyon
Takaaki Kajita, ICRR, Tokyo
Stavros Katsanevas, APC, Paris
Thomas Schwetz, MPIK, Heidelberg
Cristina Volpe, IPNO, Orsay
Rolf Walder, CRAL, Lyon

Local Organizing Committee:
Marie Berthier (IPNL)
Thomas Buchert (CRAL)
Loïc Bommersbach (CRAL)
Guy Chanfray (IPNL)
Yannick Copin (IPNL)
Helene Courtois (IPNL)
Monique Croize (IPNL)
Chantal Gavouyere (CRAL)
Bruno Guiderdoni (CRAL)
Jacques Marteau (IPNL)
Nathalie Martinet (CRAL)
Philippe Prugniel (CRAL)
Anna Thibeau (IPNL)
Isabelle Vauglin (CRAL)
Rolf Walder (CRAL)

This conference is also funding by Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules (IN2P3), Université Claude Bernard Lyon1 and Faculté des Sciences et Techniques of Université Lyon1.

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